FAQs Donation Wish List

At Meals on Wheels of Hancock County, we benefit from the generous donations of time by our volunteers and sponsorships from local businesses.

We also receive many requests from community members on how they can help our nonprofit organization succeed in our mission, which is to help the citizens of Hancock County, Indiana, maintain an independent lifestyle through the delivery of nutritious meals in accordance with prescribed dietary needs and provide a point of personal contact with the community.

We've put some serious thought into how our friends and neighbors can help with our everyday operations, compiling this comprehensive list of office, event and organizational needs. Please contact us at (317) 477-FOOD or email us today to donate these items or services to help us continue to better serve the needs of the Hancock County community:

  • Office supplies:

    • Copy paper
    • Letter-size envelopes
    • Labels for meals
    • Postage/stamps
    • Printer toner
    • Office supply gift cards
  • Marketing services:

    • Website functionality upgrades/assistance
    • Advertising sponsorships
    • Printing sponsorships
    • Social media campaign promotion/sharing
  • Event preparation:

    • Bingo materials replenishment (new dobbers, plates and cutlery for 300+, in-kind food/drink and dessert donations, candy for tables)
    • Bingo and Boots & Bourbon raffle and purse pull prizes
    • New designer purse donations or sponsorships
    • Live auction items for Boots & Bourbon