Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and Release of Information Policy

PURPOSE: To insure the confidentiality of all client records and to provide for an orderly procedure for release of information when requested by the client.

POLICY: All client information will be considered confidential unless that information is requested by a law enforcement agency or court with a properly executed subpoena. In cases where a client requests that his or her information be released we will require the client sign a Release of Information form. When the client is unresponsive and Meals on Wheels may have medical information of relevance to the emergency treatment agents we may give that information to the medical professional for use in the emergency treatment. This confidentiality policy and its limits shall be given to the prospective client at the time of their signing up for services with Meals on Wheels of Hancock County.

PROCEDURES: A written copy of this policy will be included in the informational portion of the initial application. For those applying on the website, a copy is posted on the site. When a client wishes to have our agency release information (with the above exceptions) to another agency or individual the client will be given a Release of Information form to complete and sign in the presence of a witness.