Past Due Accounts

To help minimize client delinquent accounts, the following procedure must be followed to ensure consistent & fair practice.

  1. All private pay clients are billed monthly, in advance, for meal service. The bill is due upon receipt.
  2. If the bill is unpaid as of the 10th of the month, the account is considered delinquent.
  3. Any unpaid fees will appear as a previous balance on subsequent monthly billings.
  4. A 30-day late notice will be attached to the monthly bills of any client with a previous balance.
  5. Established clients will receive a delinquent letter if payment is not made by the 5th of the month. The letter will be sent to the client and the payer (if other than the client).
  6. For established clients, payment must be in by the 10th of the month. If no payment has been made by the 10th, the meal service will be canceled temporarily until the account is made current.
  7. For new clients, a delinquent letter will be sent to the payer and client (if payer other than client) if payment has not been made within 20 days of service.
  8. If a new client has not made a payment within 30 days of service, meals will be canceled temporarily until payment is made in full.
  9. If a client cannot pay the amount due, they must contact the designated Meals on Wheels representative to make payment arrangements.
  10. For established clients, the minimum payment arrangement is to pay the 30 day delinquent amount. New clients must pay the 30-day balance in full.
  11. Payment arrangement can only be made with the client, payer or emergency contact.
  12. If the client indicates difficulty with monthly payments, the client will be given all information available for financial assistance available in the community and an opportunity to make arrangements to pay the bill in full.
  13. To ensure that participating clients are maintaining their payment arrangements, their accounts will be monitored and updated as necessary.